14 Best Ombre Hair Color Ideas for all hair color


Ombre hairstyle is being loved by a lot of women because it’s not only very appealing, low-maintenance but also can fix some hair issues by disguising the damaged ends. With a professional performed, ombre the ends help the ends of your hair look thicker while the rest of your hair appears more dimensional. Also, your skin tone will be flattered, your eyes look brighter as well.

It depends on your skin undertone and your natural hair hue you’ll fit different colors for ombre. Those who have cooler skin undertones paired with medium brown hair color should go for icy brown and cool chestnuts. Whereas, if you have warm skin tones, peachy and golden ombre shades will have you look prettier.

Many women have tried versatile ombre looks, most of them look sophisticated and elegant, while others are with a more dramatic bent. No matter what your hair color is, there are many great ombre ideas for you, maybe highlights or solid color.

You might want to go from very dark to a very light color, in case you want more contrasting shades for your hair, you can also find in here some photos and get inspiration from it. We give you 14 examples with ombre hair color ideas for different hair hues and skin tones. Check out and have a try! 

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