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14 Flattering Pixie Cuts That Will Inspire your next cut

Blonde and Voluminous
Blonde and Voluminous

I’m sure you all know about pixie cuts, but not many women have tried these hairstyles. In fact, a pixie cut is a short hairstyle generally short on the back and sides of the head with the combination of and slightly longer locks on the top and short bangs. There are many variations of pixie cuts that will suit many occasions as well as fit your personality. Contrary to a common belief that only women with a strong personal style will wear pixie haircuts, nowadays, there are many types of pixies that fit feminine women. This is an easy-to-achieve hairstyle that will “take you from day to night”. If you’ve wanted to make a big change to refresh your look in a new year to update your current style, look no further then these flattering images of pixie cuts below.

You might choose many styles from side parts to boyish fringe, check them out immediately because your new haircut is straight ahead.



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