30 Copper Hair Color Ideas: Highlights, Ombre and Trends


30 Copper Hair Color Ideas: Highlights, Ombre and Trends

Copper hair is definitely a brave color choice and solution that not a lot of women dare to go for. It is a unique mixture of red and orange and it has that light warm undertone to it. Oftentimes copper hair is a popular solution and go-to for the fall season. Want to find your next hair idea and you’re looking for a gorgeous cut and color? Keep on reading and discover your options down below.

Who Can Go For Copper Hair?

Any girl can enjoy a copper hairdo. There are no rules or restrictions when it comes to wearing it or getting it. Usually, teens like this fun color option. Also, women who want a change for the fall tend to go for this design. Workaholic women or women who are in their forties also enjoy this hairstyle. In conclusion, it is fully inclusive and easy to rock.

Is Copper Hair High-Maintenance?

Copper hair is easy to style. All you need are your typical hair styling tools, as well as your trustworthy products. However, its coloring and upkeep might be high-maintenance. Go for regular root touch-ups (usually every two months), and invest in your hair dye. Don’t forget to add moisture and hydration to your strands as well while you’re at it. Deep conditioning is a good idea.

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What Are Some Popular Copper Hair Looks & Ideas?

Looks and cuts can vary and one can choose among tons of different lengths and options. In this article, we are going to focus on a ton of shorter looks. Usually, copper hair can look amazing when worn as a pixie or an elf cut. You can also go for different variations of a bob style as well.

Want To Spice It Up?

Are you ready to go copper? If so, which one of these looks is your favorite to wear? It is a gorgeous fall-season color to go for. Let us know what you end up picking for your next hair inspo, we want to see something fiery on you!

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