42 Prideful Rainbow Hair Colors to Try in Pride


42 Prideful Rainbow Hair Colors to Try in Pride 2022

Happy June! With the arrival of June also means the arrival of Pride month, a month that celebrates the LGBTQ community. One this that is hugely representative in the pride community is their rainbow flag, which means you’ll probably be seeing a lot of rainbows around for the next month. Since rainbows will be trendy for at least the next month, why not go a little edgy and play with some rainbow colors on your hair? Rainbow coloring is stunning to wear, although it does take a while to accomplish in the salon.

If you’re up for the journey, here are a few of our favorite rainbow hair colors that you can rock all June long.

June is the perfect time to experiment with rainbow color and try something new. As you can see, there is a variety of options when it come to rainbow coloring and the shades of color you cna choose from.

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