Attractive Medium Brown Hairstyles with Blonde Highlight


Attractive Medium Brown Hairstyles with Blonde Highlight

Blonde highlights looks great on brown base, no matter how long or short their hair is. But great thing about adding blonde highlights to medium brown hair is that women can easily customize their look with the help of a great stylist.

This will ensure that they enjoy a unique look that is perfect for them, no matter if they have dark or light brown hair.

Coolest Blonde Highlights Ideas for Medium Brown Hair

Check out our top 10 blonde highlights ideas that women with medium brown hair can try and get the best look for them.

Long Side Bangs

Dark brown hair looks great when there is a lot of movement and motion to the hair. One great way to flaunt blonde highlights is to add swooping bangs that are really long, as this will give the medium length hairstyle extra personality and ensure that the style doesn’t look boring or outdated.


Brown hair often looks full and rich and cutting the style so that the roots look full and attractive is key. This medium haircut with blonde babylights has a lot of volume at the roots so that the heavyweight of the rest of the hair doesn’t weigh it down.

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Feathered hair a great look for women who are in the mood for something dramatic and that will help them stand out in a crowd.

Neatly Trimmed

A great trim is key to making sure that light brown hair looks its best. Keeping the ends of this haircut nice and neat allows it to grow out without any difficulties and ensures that the cut looks professional.

Plenty of blonde highlights complete the medium brown hairstyle, making this a great option for women who are ready for something that will stand out in the office.

Balayage Highlights

A long bob, or “lob,” looks great with classic blonde balayage highlights. These highlights stand out a bit more than when they are blended into the natural brown hair, which makes the color and cut look expensive and professional.

It’s a great look for businesswomen who need to make sure that they are going to be able to stand out.

Natural Full Highlights

Highlights don’t have to look unnatural, as this natural look shows. When framing the face, blended into the natural brown base, and focused on the front tips, the highlights can look sun-kissed.

This is a low-key highlight option for women with medium brown hair who don’t want their hair to look like they spent a lot of time or effort having highlights put in.

Lighter and Curled Tips

Lighter tips look very natural, like sun highlights that have grown out. When the tips are curled so that they fall around the shoulders and the face, they look even better.

This is a great way to wear blonde highlights on brown hair that have grown out while still making sure that they look updated and professional. It’s ideal for women of all ages.

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Chunky Highlights

Highlights don’t have to be boring, like this bold look shows. These bright blonde highlights are an amazing contrast to the darker brown hair, and since they are chunky and not blended in, they really stand out and make a medium hair statement.

Being able to see individual highlights is a statement and will definitely make people look twice at the style and color.

Face Framing Highlights

This hairstyle has the hair curled gently away from the face so that the hair falls neatly around the shoulders, framing the face.

Adding in copper blonde highlights that are placed strategically around the front of the brown hair allows the face to be the real focal point. It’s a great option for women who love their medium hair but need to change it up a little.

Light Brown Curls + Highlights

Very small curls look great when the hair is allowed to grow nice and long, as this curly highlights look shows. The medium brown curls are enhanced thanks to the addition of some blonde highlights.

Keeping the blonde just a few shades lighter than the natural brown ensures that the hair looks sun-kissed and will keep people from knowing that the highlights aren’t natural.

Medium Curls with Blonde Highlights

This blonde highlights on curly brown hair look is bold thanks to the way the darker roots are allowed to show and are even celebrated. Rather than trying to hide the dark roots, the medium curls are styled in a way that allows them to show off.

Keeping the bangs longer and allowing them to fall in front of the face makes this look very casual and ensures that women look relaxed.

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Medium hair length is a classic one for women. Because with this length you can get the best of both worlds!  We hope these blonde highlights will give plenty of inspiration to women with medium brown hair that they can rock this year.

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