Best Short Haircuts for 2018-2019


In case you want to amplify your look or you want to significantly have your long locks trimmed or you just wish to add a little beauty to your already short haircut, this write up will go a long way to help you achieve this. 

Here, you will find some Short Haircuts for 2018-2019 that will give you a stunning look and speedily spice up the volume of your hair and also make it look livelier.  One of the best looks is short layered hair. A great benefit of this haircut is that it is not a complex style and expensive to maintain. Additionally, the layers give a hairstyle with nice texture and this gives it a stylish look. Women who tremble because of the high maintenance and super-difficult styling of this haircut can opt for layers. There are also other haircuts that will give you a stunning look in no time. Short hair with bangs is one of the best for every woman especially those that want to have lively short hair with bangs. The addition of the bangs really makes the hair attractive.

This hairstyle also gives you the opportunity to keep a side swept bangs, full bangs or if you really love taking things to the limit, even a micro fringe! Textured pixie for older women is not a bad option. It makes old women look refined and attractive. As we know, as women get older, they begin to explore different hairstyles to deflect them from the process of aging. So they decide that they want their hair to look stylish and less expensive to maintain, therefore they go for shorter haircuts.

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The pixie cut is one of the most excellent short haircuts for older women because it is not expensive to maintain and it’s easy to style. If you are searching for a wash and go hairstyle, then the side-parted blunt bob is the sexy short haircut you should opt for. This hairstyle is also known as a straight-across cut, it is a very famous option for most women today. This hairstyle will be awesome for any occasion, be it casual or formal. You can also get different looks with this style either by wearing it curly or straight or anywhere in between. 

Angled short bob shouldn’t be left out because the awesome hairstyle is an immaculate instance of the short, edgy haircut. The different length adds both beauty and volume to this haircut. The lifted silhouette behind the head and longer short tresses add a touch of class while keeping to the anticipation of the modern world.

Cute Pixie Hair
Haircut for Curly Hair
Pixie Cut Brown
Short Hair for Older Women
Short Naturally Curly Hair
Asymmetrical Pixie Haircut
Beachy Wavy Bob
Blonde Lob Thin Hair
Blonde Pixie Bob Hair
Blonde Pixie with Long Bangs
Blunt Bob for Fine Hair
Boyish Haircut for Girls
Business Ladies Haircut
Choppy Layered Bob
Choppy Tousled Pixie Hair
Cool Blonde Hair Color
Curly Pixie Undercut
Curly Short Hair
Cute Easy Short Pixie Cut
Dark Brown Pixie Views
Short Haircut
Funky Short Hair
Golden Blond with Highlights Bob
Highlighted Short Hair
Kinky Curls Short Hair
Layered Blonde Short Hair
Layered Hair Back View
Layered Long Pixie Style
Layered Longer Pixie
Layered Razor Cut Pixie
Long Pixie Cut for Fine Blonde Hair
Long Pixie Side View
Modern Pixie Haircut
Older Woman Pixie Style
Pixie Haircut for Round Face
Pixie Style Bangs
Pixie Crop Haircut
Pixie Short Hair cut
Short Haircut
Shaggy Long Pixie
Shaved Sides Curly Top
Short Bob for Curly Hair
Short Bob Haircut
Short Choppy Layered Pixie
Short Haircut
Short Haircut for Thin Hair
Short Side Long Top Hair for Girls
Short Copper Hair
Short Cute Haircut
Short Layered Haircut
Side Parted Long Pixie
Soft Wavy Long Bob
Super Short Curly Bob
Super Straight Fine Hair
Thick Curly Short Hairstyle
Thick Hair Style for Women
Thick Short Hair
Short Haircut
Wavy Bangs Short Hair
Short Haircut
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  1. The pixie cut is not expensive to maintain and wash and go? LOL!!!! Trims every 5-6 weeks, good luck trying to hide that gray coming in. Color touchup every 6 weeks….bad hair day? Forget about putting your hair back and forgetting about it. A pixie should be styled every time you think about leaving the house if you want to look half decent. A pixie is a great cut, I did it for the edgy look I prefer, but it is far from easy and cheap to maintain.

    • Sigh.. thanks for reminding me and snapping me out of making a blind snap decision. I loved my pixie cut, but remember missing the ease of tying it back off my face, not to mention how much of a time saver throwing the quick ponytail is lol… Being a cafe owner I’m extremely time poor, not to mention my husband isn’t impressed with the noise of a hairdryer blasting at 4am from the ensuite haha. Styling short hair does take a lot of time and definitely a trip to the hairdresser every 4 to 6 weeks… Otherwise you’re fighting a helmet head ?

  2. I have had my pixie cut for ten years now I’m 56years old 5’2 and 125 lbs looks great on small frames takes 10 minutes to do my hair paste spray and go I get so many compliments people ask where I got it cut I will never let it grow again love love it

  3. I enjoy having short hair!!
    I don’t want a regular pixie these days, however.
    I was growing my hair out, but thought that it made me look very sloppy.
    I love the wavy hair cuts, like the longer curls and waves over the slightly shaved back and curls over the top of the head!
    Thing of it is, if you cut it a little too short, you’ll wind up looking little a 1980’s Gramma, and you definitely don’t want that!!!


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