Best Short Haircuts for Older Women


Best Short Haircuts for Older Women

Gorgeous adult ladies, we have put together the perfect haircutting models that will make your style look the best and you’ll feel great with these ideas. We clearly know, every woman wants her own special short haircut, and if you need a new short hairstyle, it’s definitely the right place.

In this short haircut gallery, we reviewed each other’s wonderful short hairstyles for older ladies. Especially layered haircuts, too short assertive haircuts, bob cuts with layers and classy modern pixie styles very popular these days. If you need a low-maintenance haircut to make your life easier, take a look at 20 pics of short haircuts for older women and set your perfect hair style for yourself.

Back View of Pixie

Blonde Balayage on Bob

Blonde Chunky Lights

Blonde Modern Short Hair

Casual Short Pixie

Cropped Dark Brown Pixie

If you like brunette short haircuts, this perfect example is exactly for you. With detailed side and back view visuals, you can try such a haircut yourself.

Cropped Dark Brown Pixie

Hair Cut and Color

Layered Longer Pixie

Modern Too Short Hair

Natural Grey Short Hair

Older Woman Short Haircut

Popular Stacked Short Haircut

Short bob cut one of most preffered hair for older ladies, and this classy also groovy bob cut, you will look amazing and fresh!

Popular Stacked Short Haircut

Short Haircut for Women Over

Short Hairstyle for Women Over 60

Modern and chic hair cut idea for older ladies, layered bob cut with ash blonde color. Thanks to this short hairstyle you will feel younger and more dynamic.

Short Hairstyle for Women Over

Short Hairstyle for Women Over  with Fine Hair

Short Pixie Cut for Older Ladies

Straight Pixie

Stylish Pixie Haircut for Thin Hair

Trendy Spiky Pixie

Very Short Gray Hair

Really simple and classy pixie cut. If you looking for a too short haircut, this spiky pixie-style may a great choice for you. Also just leave your hair their own color, grey is one of the best trend for short hair colors.

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Very Short Gray Hair

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  1. I need short hair styles for baby fine hair. I’m about to undergo shoulder replacement surgery and will not be able to use but one arm for 6 to 8 weeks.

  2. I would like to see the front and back photos, I’m especially interested in the first haircut where the back is layered and wispy.

  3. I would like to see more short haircuts for older women with square jaws. Many of the sites for face shape only show longer hair on definite square jawed women? And many of us older women hair thinning hair!
    Thank you!

  4. I have had my pixie for 10 years now people say I look younger I’m 56 years old I’m 5’2 a0nd 125 lbs I think my short under cut pixie looks great on small frames. I get so many compliment and won’t to no where I got my cut at .it takes my 10 minutes paste hairspray that’s it I love love my cut never let it grow again!

    • Kathryn, can you share a pic..? I used to have a pixie… best haircut in my life. As I’ve gotten older, hairdressers refuse to do it for me. I don’t want to look like a boy, but I’m so tired of wearing a ‘helmet head’… I need more layers to make the top more ‘poofy’.. (is that a word..? LOL) I need more height and less on the sides, to widen my face… I used to be able to dry it with a facecloth… now, nothing seems to work..! Wish I could send a photo to show you.

  5. Hello: My wife has Early Onset Alzheimer’s and she’s really not doing much with her hair these days. She complains that it’s getting long and in her way. She quite often wears a touque just to keep it in place. I’ve been looking around for a short style to try and convince her to get it cut like. This has to be something that’s totally no maintenance. No hairspray or curling or anything like that. Just wash and blow dry and away you go. Any thoughts or suggestions would be appreciated.
    Thank you

    • A pixie sounds to me like what you want. Actually, so do I! Something to stay out of my way. The only drawback might be the need for fairly frequent haircuts, unless that would be an enjoyable short outing for the two of you. Best wishes to you.

  6. I am 61, & like burgundy haircolor, i have very thick and very curly, ( I straighten it. I would love an easier hairstyle or cut. I stick with the bob but it grows out way to fast. Any suggestions??

  7. I have very heavy hair with natural wave. Thickness is now average, used to be super thick. Each strand of hair is very heavy so it is hard to keep my hair from going flat. Any ideas?

  8. I am 77, 5’3″ @ 110 lbs. My hair is thin and I don’t want my ears to show. I like the pixie cut with a bit over the ears. Any ideas?


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