Celebrity Short Haircuts


Celebrity Short Haircuts

In the late 10 years, celebrities started to show their short hair cuts more than they did before and this made the short hair cuts trendier than it has ever been. The celebrities always lead the way to follow the fashionable hairstyles and they are needed to be followed to be trendy and not to lose the track of the fashion in short hair cuts.

In this page, you will find the most beloved celebrity hair styles used and tried by the celebrities in this year and you will be able to find your style through the article.

The adherent style short hair cut has always been chosen widely and always proved its beauty over the years. It fits great with a beautiful face and blue eyes if you have are a blonde.


Asymmetrical haircuts can show you both stylish and rebel to the world. Men loves these kind of unorthodox haircuts, especially if they are also short!


Carrey Mulligan is definitely one of the queens of short hair. Look how beautifully she managed to handle the front of hair and how cute the sides look.


Short hair definitely looks better on woman than it looks in man. This is a little manly hair style, yet with true usage, it is one of the hottest short hair cuts.


Short bob haircuts were always a favorite for the celebrities and look to remain same way. They are hard to use haircuts, but when success is there, they are indispensible.

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Queen of her own style, creator of fashions and a great lover of fashionable short haircuts. Do not forget following Victoria and always look how she shows herself.


If you have a hard to manage curly hair, try short haircuts, you will never have to manage your hair again, it will always look beautiful like this.


A new comment on short haircuts, standing somewhere between short and long hair, yet it is sure fashionable and looks really beautiful.


Most of the celebrities with short haircuts are blondes, yet the ones who are brunettes definitely create difference among them. Alyssa looks great with this short, fine and thin short haircut.


Carrey Mulligan again, with a different style in front of her hair. Curly hairs have a definite advantage with short haircuts.


Coming out of a great coiffeur makes great difference in short hairs. With those earrings and that fashionable style of hair, there is no possibility to look ugly!


classical style of haircut with short hair, yet always remains beautiful and fashionable. Good for starters!


Adherent blonde hair for long chinned faces, big eyes and used with red lips. It is an irresistible view!


Celebrities have loved short hairs and they will continue to love them in the following decades. Do not be too late the catch the latest fashion, follow these pages!

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