Cool Korean and Japanese Hairstyles for Asian Guys


Cool Korean and Japanese Hairstyles for Asian Guys

Looking for the latest trendy hairstyles for Asian Guys? Check it out in this Asian Guys haircuts gallery here! I’m sure you can find your favorite cuts in this gallery!

Cutting Cool Asian Hairstyles for Men – Fresh Looks for Trendy Types!

Japanese hairstyles and Korean hairstyles for men

Asian hairstyles for men tend to include some of the most cutting-edge hair designs that often originate from the hair salons of futuristic Japan. Asian hair can be smooth and fine, but it is often strong, straight and thick so Asian hairstyles for men need to take both types of hair texture into account.

Young men love to be competitive and for college students just starting to have serious romantic relationships, edgy Asian hairstyles for men are one of the ways they show their fashion style and aim to stand out from the crowd!

Short and long layering

Short layered Asian hairstyles for men are a popular youthful look, with the tapered tips and sculpted cutting that is perfect for shaping and controlling thick, strong hair textures.

The front quiff is a hot look at present, as well as soft layering in longer styles that cover the collar.

Professional Asian hairstyles for men

On the other hand, a young businessman would probably choose a more professional looking Asian hairstyles for men, such as a conservative short haircut – but with the side-burns allowed to show down to ear-lobe length to keep it trendy.

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Choppy layers

And if you’re a futuristic, creative type of a guy, check out the innovative choppy layered Asian hairstyles – for men who dare to be different!

Punky Asian hairstyles for men

Punky looks are the Japanese speciality and there are always lots of new Asian hairstyles for men who love to be innovative in our Inspiration Gallery! Patterns can be cut into a buzzed haircut and the addition of rainbow colour highlights is more popular in Japanese Asian hairstyles for men, than in any other culture!


This neat style can be varied for a more high-fashion look by buzzing the sides quite close to the head and just leaving a Mohawk on the top of the head or a full Mohawk from forehead to the nape.

Shag cuts

With the return to fashion of the fabulous shag-cut, Asian hairstyles for men have gained a fresh and innovative style choice that’s great for creating a chaotic look that cleverly subverts the cultural idea of conformity in Japanese culture!

Here we have collected latest popular and trendy Asian hairstyles for you to choose from, enjoy.

Asian guys haircuts – layered messy hairstyle for Asian guys – one of the most popular cut for young men
Asian Korean Mens hairstyles
Asian male haircuts
Asian Students Hairstyles for men
Blonde Korean Hair style with full bangs for Guys
Classic Asian Haircuts for Men
Classic short Haircut for Asian Guys
Cool Asian Guys Red Messy Haircut with Layers
Cool Asian Hairstyles for Men
Cool Korean and Japanese Hairstyles
Cool Korean Guys haircut – latest sleek short haircut for Asian guys
Cool Korean Guys Hairstyles
Cool Korean haircut for men
Cool Korean Mens Haircuts
Cool Mens Hairstyle from Korean
Curly Korean Hair Style for Men
Curly Korean Haircut for Guys
Curly Korean Hairstyle for Men
Cute Korean Guys hairstyle
Cute Korean Hairstyle for Guys
cute Korean hairstyle for men
Cute Korean Young Guys Hairstyle
Fashion Asian Haircut for Men
Fashion Korean Guys Haircut
Fashion Korean Hairstyles for Men
Fashion Short Haircut for Men
Guys Handsome Hairstyle for Winter
handsome Asian mens hairstyle
Hot Korean Guys Hairstyle
Hot Korean Hair styles for men
Hot Korean Hairstyles for Guys
Korean Business Haircut for Business Men
Korean guys haircuts with side swept bangs
Korean Guys Hairstyles for Job and Interview
Korean guys hairstyles
Korean Hair Styles for Guys
Korean Hair Styles for Men
Korean Haircut for Guys – cool short haircut with side swept bangs for Asian men
Korean Haircuts for men
Korean hairstyles for guys – chic dark black short haircut for Asian men
Korean Hairstyles for teenagers
Korean hairstyles for young boys
Korean In Hairstyle for Men
Korean IN Hairstyles for Men
Korean Male hairstyles for winter
Korean men hairstyles – sexy layered haircut with thick bangs for men
Korean mens hairstyle – trendy red hairstyle for guys
Korean Mens hairstyles
Korean messy hairstyle for men
Latest Korean Haircuts for Men
Latest Korean Hairstyles for Spring – Spring hairstyles for Asian Guys
Mens hairstyles for Asian guys
Mens Hot Hairstyles – Hot short haircut with side swept bangs for Asian guys
New Trendy Korean Hairstyles for Men – Summer short haircut for Asian Guys
Popular Korean Hairstyles for Men
Popular Short Korean Haircut for Men
Sexy Korean Boys Hairstyle – layered short haircut for Asian guys
Short Korean Hair Style for Men – latest most popular short haircut for guys
Short Korean Haircut for Guys – stylish Asian hairstyles for men
Short Korean Hairstyle for Men – popular layered short haircut for guys
Short Red Korean Haircut for Young Guys
Short Red Korean Hairstyle for Young guys
Sleek Asian hairstyle for men
Spiky Short Haircut for Japanese Guys
Trendy Asian haircut for men
Trendy Asian Hairstyles for Guys – popular haircuts for young men
Trendy Asian Mens Hairstyles – summer hairstyles for Asian guys
Trendy Fashion Korean Hair Style for Men
Trendy Korean Haircut for Men – Asian guys short haircut
Trendy long Korean hairstyle for men
Very Popular Korean Hairstyle for Guys

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