Easy Braids for Short Hair


Easy Braids for Short Hair

Most of you may think that only long hair can be braided, but actually, so can short hair! There are many ways you can do to braid your short hair. That’s why we want to give you 18 ideas of braids for your short hair! A messy braid crown will be cute on you. You just braid a part of your hair into a crown-like and you’ll look like a princess. You may add some accessories, such as pins or flower to make this hairstyle prettier.

If you want to make bigger braids, you can make your hair into Dutch braid pigtails and two Dutch braids. Braid pigtails will be messier but quite trendy. You can let some strands poke out and end the braid behind your ears. Meanwhile, two Dutch braids gives you an edgy look. Different from braid pigtails, this hairstyle let you to braid until the end of your hair. If you want neat and big braids, Dutch braid updo will fit for you! Make two Dutch braids, then tuck all braids and the rest of your hair in. You’ll look stunning with this hairstyle in any formal occasions. French braids, like a small side braid, side braid, fringe braid and braided ponytail, can be your best options for your short hair.

A small side French braid allows you to only make a small braid which is easier to manage. You can take two sides of your hair and braid them into small braid. French side braid is similar to a small side braid, but this hairstyle uses more hair and it is messier. Fringe braid is like a headband on your hair, but it is made by your own hair. Meanwhile, you can make French braided ponytail by braiding three parts of your hair, then ending them in the middle. These braids will be so chic for you! If you want to try something trendy, a fishtail braid is perfect for you. You can make your hair into side or half up fishtail braid. You just divide your hair into small, equal-sized braid. To make the side fishtail braid, braid two sides of your hair, then end them in the middle.

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If you want to do a half up, just put your two sides of your hair to the middle, then braid it. Want a simple look? You can choose half up braid, side braid, braided top knot, double braided buns, a braided headband, and braids for pixie. These braids fits even for a really short hair. Although they’re simple, they’ll give you a playful and feminine look. Waterfall and ladder braid are adventurous hairstyles. You will look really pretty and sophisticated in these braids. To make waterfall braid, make the braid lower and lower at each part of your hair. That braid will look like a waterfall. Ladder braid is like waterfall, but this braid ends in the middle. Have a look at these Easy Braids for Short Hair.

Braided Black Hair

Braided Bob

Braided Bun Hairtyle

Braided Pink Hairstyle

Braided Wavy Hair

Brown Hair Color

Comfortable Style

Cute Braided Hair

Cute Hairstyle

Easy Braids for Short Hair

Easy Braids for Short Hairstyles

Grey Hair

Medium Length Hairtyle

Short Braided Blonde Hair

Short Hair Mixed with Long Braids

Stylish Hair Look

Summer Hairtyle

Updo Hair

So, those are examples of some braids we offer for you. They are all pretty and trendy. You can try them anytime and upgrade your amazing look. All those styles will be good on your short hair, so just try it and enjoy. We are sure, you will like it!

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