New Short Celebrity Haircuts 2019


New Short Celebrity Haircuts 2019

In 2019, many celebrities have tried new haircuts. All of them are looking trendy and modern in their new haircuts. As this year short hairstyles are in trend so most of them have got short haircuts. Here are some of the pictures of the celebrities with the new short hairstyles 2019.

As you know that Vanessa Hudgens have curly hair. So this year she had tried shoulder length bob haircut. She is looking gorgeous in her new hairstyle.

Sharon Stone is a mature woman, she has tried the pixie hairstyle with blonde hair color and is looking lavishing on her. So the women who wish to have the mature look can try this hairstyle.

Eva Longoria is a beautiful actress, but her new bob hairstyle with the side bangs has enhanced her beauty. She is looking glamorous as well as pretty in her new hairstyle.

Jessica Stroup has also tried the short bob hairstyle. She is looking hot in her new hairstyle.

Rihanna has tried the short pixie hairstyle, she is looking beautiful in her new hairstyle and this hairstyle has suited her personality making her looking amazing.

January Jones as also got the bob hairstyle this year. She is looking amazing in her new hairstyle as you can see the pictures.

Rose Byrne has got the shoulder length hairstyle with the front short bangs. She is looking pretty in her new hairstyle.

Sharon Stone has tried to get an intense look with her new hairstyle. And she has also succeeded in it. As you can see in the pictures, she is looking quite intense as well as trendy.

Bobbie Eakes got the bob haircut. She is looking quite pretty in her new hairstyle.

Nora Zehetner has got the short bob haircut on her wavy hair. The waves in her hair have beautifully defined her new hairstyle and have made her look prettier.

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