Short Cuts for Straight Hair


Short Cuts for Straight Hair

One of the best things regarding straight hair is the fact that you can pull off almost any single type of haircut. This means that you do not have to worry that humidy will mess with your look or that you need to straighten your hair every single time that you wash it. Also, when it comes to styling it, you do not have to worry that it will curl up just a few moments after you have gone out the door.

In fact, if you want to go shorter and shorter with the length of your hair, you can do that without worrying that your wavy or curly hair will not look good. In fact, women with straight hair are more fortunate because their hair will stay as they style it. If you do not want to deal with long hair anymore and you have straight hair, then you should consider one of the short cuts for straight hair. It is easy to choose and you have many fantastic options that you can browse through.

Short Simple Cut

This is a very simple look that you can opt for as long as you like to have longer bangs. This way, you can be sure of the fact that everyone will look at the nice features of your face, while you talk to them.

Longer Bangs Cut

This is a very original look that you could choose if you wanted to look original, fact that is possible due to the shorter hair in the back and longer strands of hair nicely styled in the front. This is a great look!

Short Straight Thin Hair

The first thing that you notice about this blonde bob is the fact that it is short. However due to the thin and long tips, the entire look looks fantastic because the hair looks much longer than it actually is.

Very Short Straight Cut

This is certainly the type of look that you could get used to as long as you enjoy longer bangs and shorter hair in the back that you could style in a way that would make them look like classy spikes.

Short Straight Bob

The right look can surely make you feel special. If you choose to cut your hair in this perfect shape, you will benefit from a style that will make others look at you with admiration and that will compliment you all the time.

Short Elegant Cut

This is the type of look that you see at business women that want to be seen as real competitors. Due to the longer hair in the back and the entire neat look, you will be respected and gazed at.

Longer Neat Bob

The best thing about this bob is the fact that it is very simple and that you do not have to deal with different lenghts of the strands of hair that you have. In fact, you can style this nice hair with just a few strokes.

Short Impressive Look

The fact that the hair was cut to ressemble a cap is something that brings a note of originality to the entire look. If you want to feel sexy and bad at the same time, choose this interesting short haircut.

Extremely Short Hair

The amazing thing about this haircut is the fact that the bagns are much wider that you usually see on the street at other people. This will surely make your face look luminous and mysterious at the same time.

Short Cute Haircut

The best thing about this sort of haircut is the fact that it frames your face in such a way that all of your really great features stand out. This way, you can smile and the whole world will smile with you.

Short Beautiful Bob

This is the type of bob that you do not see very often because of the fact that the bangs are very long and they get into your eyes. However, getting that mysterious look is easy and it can be done exactly with those bangs.

Short Asymmetric Cut

If you want to go from long hair to short hair without it looking to neat or arranged, then you can simply ask your stylist to cut it in an asymmetric shape. This way, you will look awesome and will be able to enjoy short hair.

Short Platinum Cut

If you have hair that has this light colour and you enjoy having long bangs that can be styled one side or the other, then you could opt for this haircut. It is easy to maintain and the long bangs have an awesome effect.

Short Messy Look

If you want to feel like you have an original and also rebel look, then you can make sure that you get that effect by talking to your stylist and ask for hair that is cut exactly like in this picture. You will love it!

Short Fantastic Look

This is actually a regular look that you tend to see on elegant moms or very busy women. IT is the type of haircut that not only looks fantastic but is extremely easy to maintain after you have styled it.

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