Short Hairstyles for Straight Hair


Short Hairstyles for Straight Hair

Short hairstyles have become some of the best hairstyles for women around the world because of the ease of maintaining them and the cool and refreshing aura they bring to those who sport them. There are various short hairstyles for different strands and textures of hair. In this article, some short hairstyles for straight hair are presented for you to choose from.

The Fantastic Straight Blonde Hair Bob Hairstyle

This very lovely and charming bob cut is a good choice for this thick straight blonde hair. The choice of a bob cut is apt enough for this kind of hair strand texture. The addition of layers at the sides and back give it more texture and volume. This bob cut is surely a charming and attractive short hairstyle for women out there.

The Cool and Charming Pixie Cut

This cool and charming pixie cut is definitely good for this straight hair. The strands of hair are quite soft and fine and a layered haircut would be ideal for this kind of hair texture. In this case, the cool long layers add a bit of texture and volume to this soft hair. Likewise, the pixie cut is definitely awesome for this kind of hair. The overall effect of this lovely hairstyle is definitely alluring and charming.

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The Lovely Blonde Pixie Hairstyle

This awesome hairstyle is definitely very attractive and gorgeous to look at. The soft and very fine texture of this hair is ideal for a layered cut. For this reason, the long layers at the back create extra volume for this hairstyle. Likewise, the long straight bangs create a charming aura which is quite lovely and alluring to look at. I would surely love to try this pixie cut for a lovely change.

The Lovely and Charming Pixie Cut

This hairstyle is defined by those lovely straight strands of blonde hair that flows naturally downward. Likewise, this lovely pixie cut is made lovelier by the tinge of black color over the blonde hair. I would say that the side-parted bangs also add clearness and appeal to this awesome hairstyle. I would surely love to sport this very charming pixie cut.

The Ravishingly Attractive Black Straight Hair

This very cool and refreshing graduated bob cut is accentuated by those lovely strands of straight hair which gives enough texture and volume to this hairstyle. The layered sides and awesome jagged bangs also add glamour and style to this bob cut. Moreover, the layered back add styles and volume to this very charming and appealing pixie cut. You will really love this amazing hairstyle.

The Lovely and Charming Graduated Bob Cut

This awesome hairstyle is defined by those long strands of blonde hair which gives glamour and style to this hairstyle. The long bangs also create a lovely unique effect which is very feminine and attractive. I would really love to sport this kind of pixie cut for a very charming change in my look.

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The Cool and Lovely Bob Cut with Symmetrical Bangs

This fantastic hairstyle has a lovely bunch of black hair. The hair strands are medium thick in texture making this hair ideal for a bob cut. Likewise, this hairstyle is definitely defined by the symmetrical bangs which fall down nicely up to the eye brows. I would surely love to try this lovely hairstyle every once in a while.

The Boyish Pixie Cut

This pixie cut seems to be very boyish. Since the hair strands are very fine, the addition of layers create enough textures and volume for this hairstyle. Likewise, the jagged bangs and the tinge of brown and blonde colors add more volume and style to this awesome pixie.

The Choppy Blunt Bob Cut

This cool and fantastic bob cut is defined by those blunt edges which give this unique hairstyle enough charm. The lovely bangs which are nicely etched on the forehead give this fantastic hairstyle an unconventional appeal. Moreover, adding to its unconventional appeal is the blunt fringes which give it an awesome aura.

The Lovely Classic Bob Cut

This bob cut is definitely very attractive with the long fine strands of hair that flow nicely downward. Likewise, this hairstyle is defined by those soft and fine strands of hair. Since the hair is very soft, I would have opted for a layered bob cut for this kind of hair texture. Yet, the overall impact of this hairstyle is truly lovely and amazing.

The Very Fine Blonde Pixie Hairstyle

This fantastic hairstyle is characterized by those soft strands of very fine blonde hair. A layered cut would be perfect for this kind of hair texture. Moreover, the lovely bangs add glamour to this very charming and attractive pixie hairstyle. This hairstyle is surely very lovely and charming to look at.

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The Very Cool Bob Cut

This hairstyle is fit enough for this kind of hair texture. The hair strands is definitely thick and voluminous and a bob cut is surely suited to it. Yet a pixie cut would have been very cool for this kind of hair. Looking at this natural bob hairstyle, I would say that it is definitely very boyish and innocent.

The Charming Layered Bob Cut

This hairstyle is definitely characterized by those long layers at the sides and back. This is good if you have soft straight hair because layers add more volume to the hair. Likewise, the side-swept bangs add nuance to this attractive hairstyle. Moreover, the tinge of other colors adds style and appeal to this cool bob cut.

The Awesome Layered Bob Cut

This fantastic bob cut is defined by those cool strands of long colorful hair which falls straight downward. Likewise, the long bangs give it a cool and charming aura which is quite difficult to ignore. The long layers of hair at the sides add more volume and texture to this lovely hairstyle. Moreover, the lovely tinges of colors add glamour and style to this amazing hairstyle.

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