12 winning looks with medium hairstyles for round face


If you have a round face, don’t worry, medium hairstyles are perfect for you.

Sometimes, finding suitable haircuts is not as easy as you might think of. If you are pretty already, have an oval face, you are lucky that you don’t have to look for the right hairstyle simply because all hairstyles will fit your face. On the contrary, choosing haircuts might be problems with the rest of the world, especially if you have a round face. How to add some sharpness to your round face or make it thinner are popular questions among round faces women.

Without a doubt, the best length for round faces is shoulders length or a little bit longer because this length helps to elongate round faces. You might cover your forehead with bangs depends on particular features of your face.

There are some types of medium haircuts you should take into consideration:

Take flat-ironed bobs, for example, this type of medium haircut works perfectly for round faces. By having long side-swept bangs your face will look thinner. Or having straightened shag is another good idea for adding layers that draws dozens of vertical lines around your face.

With curls on medium lengths, women with round face should carefully take into consideration, because sometimes it might be voluminous which broadens your round face. Of course, if you are interested in curly hairs, you should make sure they are not too fluffy while your hair is teased at the roots.

With messy haircuts, to avoid added volume on the sides you should ask your stylist do not cut layers too short. Instead, you should you might style your hair with gel or strengthen it is a good idea to get your hair in form.

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We provide you some winning looks with medium hairstyles for round face. Check out and find the best medium haircuts for yourself.

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