18 Best Pixie Cuts for Fine Hair to Look Fuller


18 Best Pixie Cuts for Fine Hair to Look Fuller

A pixie for fine hair is a short-length cut with tons of texture and volume to create a fuller look.

Stylist Andrea Bramchtein of San Francisco, CA shares her thoughts on this trend.

“The biggest benefit of pixies is allowing less hair to manage. These short hairstyles for thin hair are for ladies with non-frizzy, easy-to-style hair textures,” Bramchtein explains.

For those who have an unruly or pin-straight mane, you’ll have to spend extra time styling it in the morning.

This cropped cut can also be a great option, based on women’s face shape and how they would style it.

Hair density is another vital aspect to consider when opting for a huge chop. Good thing, Bramchtein reassures that a pixie cut makes a great change for finer locks. She notes, “Fine hair is at times mistaken for having less quantity of strands, but that’s not always the case.”

Remember that every short pixie for fine hair isn’t always low-maintenance. Bramchtein suggests a salon visit every 4-6 weeks to keep up with the cut’s style.

Here are pictures of the best pixie cut ideas for fine hair!

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