How to Determine Your Face Shape? (The Right Way)


How to Determine Your Face Shape? (The Right Way)

When it comes to your hairstyle, your face shape is a key factor in creating the most flattering look for you. Should you opt for long waves or a close-cut crop? What about going gamine gorgeous? This requires a little thought for most of us to ensure the style makes the most of our face shape. From center parts to side parts to taking the plunge with a new set of bangs: How do you know if the style you want for 2021 is right for you? It’s all about starting with your face type.

3 Things to Determine Your Face Shape:

To get a basic sense of your face shape, you’ll want to look at three key criteria.

#1. Start with the widest part of your face: your forehead, cheeks and jaw.
#2. Is your jawline round, square or pointy?
#3. The length of your face—is it short or long? There’s more information in the breakdown below.

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