20 Stunning Long Bobs Women Over 60 Can Pull Off


20 Stunning Long Bobs Women Over 60 Can Pull Off

A long bob for women over 60 is a flattering medium-length haircut that sits anywhere near the shoulders. With its length, you get the fullness of a short cut and versatility to various styles like long hair.

Lori Garcia, a stylist from Kemah, TX, shares a piece of advice if you’re considering a lob cut.

“Make sure you have enough hair density for this chop. Long bobs are wonderful for ladies with medium to thick hair,” she states.

If you have thinning hair, you may prefer a shorter bob for more volume. Garcia warns that “a longer length could only make your fine tresses appear lifeless.”

What’s great about a bob is it can be customized depending on what you need. You can opt for textured layers that add movement or blunt edges that create fullness.

Before you decide on what chop to get, consult your hairdresser for styling options. Ask how to achieve certain hairstyles and what tools and products you must use. “Creating a plan based on your hair type ensures a successful end result,” Garcia points out.

Plunge into this hair trend that promises a youthful style. Here are inspiring photos of the most popular ways to rock a long bob for women over 60.

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