25 Haircuts for Women Over 60 with Sassy Personalities


25 Asymmetrical Haircuts for Women Over 60 with Sassy Personalities

A trendy asymmetrical haircut for women over 60 is a lopsided cut that emits a youthful, fresh glow. It eliminates any traces of aging with its two-length haircut of varying sizes on either side. The bold asymmetry of this cut corrects the shape of the face, smoothing out any harsh angles or lines.

Vaida Murinaite, a hairstylist from Galway, IE, creates asymmetrical haircuts to empower any woman. “It makes older women look trendy, sophisticated, and at the same time, comfortable,” she says.

Aging can be harsh on our hair, especially when the hair starts thinning out and you experience hair loss. “Women create an outdated cut, covering the crown with excessive volume,” she says. Murinaite advises mature women over sixty to be extra careful when choosing and styling a haircut.

“Women age 60 and above find it liberating not spending so much time on daily hairstyling,” she says. “This cut is quick and easy when styling and also only requires low upkeep.”

Trimming every 5 to 6 weeks is required to maintain the shape of this uneven haircut. It’s imperative to note that there might be an unpleasant grow-out based on the type of asymmetry done, and how fast your hair grows.

Before your next salon visit, browse these trendy and youthful-looking photos of asymmetrical haircuts and hairstyles for women over 60.

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