Hot Hairstyle Trend for Women over 70


25 Women In Their 70s Prove They Can Pull Off This Hot Hairstyle Trend, Too

Are you ready to embrace the rejuvenating sensation that comes with a new haircut? As you gracefully journey through your golden years, why not let your style radiate with a trendy pixie bob haircut? Tailored to complement women over 70, this chic hairstyle has the power to elevate your appearance. Follow the guidance of expert stylist Marley Irisa and explore how this fashionable cut can revitalize your look, regardless of your hair texture or face shape.

Hair Type Advice for the Pixie Bob

Marley emphasizes that a pixie bob can flatter any woman over 70, regardless of her hair type. “Whether you have normal or fine locks, this haircut will suit you perfectly,” she affirms. Even if your hair is thick, there’s no need to fret! “You may just need your stylist to thin it out slightly for that seamless blend.”

Therefore, whether you boast pin-straight locks or sport super tight curls, there’s no need to hesitate when considering this style. A pixie bob truly complements everyone!

Understanding Face Shapes and Pixie Bob

After contemplating your hair type, it’s essential to factor in your face shape. Marley observes that women with oval or heart-shaped faces typically rock this haircut flawlessly. However, there’s no strict rule against embracing a pixie bob with a different face shape.

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“Keep in mind, this style can be stunning if you boast high cheekbones or a defined jawline,” she remarks. “So, don’t hesitate to embrace this look and live your best life!

Styling Tips and Product Recommendations for Pixie Bob

To maintain the impeccable look of your pixie bob, it’s essential to be equipped with the right products and techniques. “Familiarize yourself with quality paste options like L’Oréal Professionnel Techni.ART or Mizani’s Sculpting Paste; they’re my top picks,” Marley recommends.

If your hair requires a bit more effort than a simple wash and go, consider incorporating a heat protectant. Marley swears by L’Oréal Professionnel Transformer Lotion. “After allowing your hair to air dry or using a blow dryer, a flat iron can work wonders.”

Her technique? “Take 2-inch sections, apply the iron near the roots, twist the iron, and gently glide down.” Marley advises that this method creates a soft wave, ensuring you look fabulous all day long!

Hot Hairstyle Trend for Women over 70

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