25 Stupendous Hairstyles for Round Faces


Stupendous Hairstyles for Round Faces

Round faces surely may look bubbly and adorable but everyone knows that styling around the face in the most flattering way possible is such a huge task because it simply isn’t easy to do so. You have the big task of hiding your cheeks ahead of you and it is also important that you find just the right haircut that would help you to achieve your goal. Most people who have a very round face also state the problem of everyone saying that they look like a kid when in reality, all they want to do is look like a lady. We hear your problems and we are here to take away your worries with the best hairstyles that are suitable for round faces. But before we get into that, let us understand some more aspects about round faces.

Do You Actually Have Round Face or Not?

Just because you have your cheeks bulging does not mean that you have a round face. Here is how you can know if you have a round face. Simple take a measuring tape and get to measuring the following parts; across your cheekbones, across your jawline and finally across from the tip of your forehead to the tip of your chin. See if all these parts are rough of the same measure. If they are, then it is confirmed that your face is round.

The Best Type of Hairstyles for Round Faces

Now that you have determined the shape of your face proceed with this article if your face is round. We have listed out here a few types of hairstyles that will be best suited for round faces.

  • Go for layered bangs instead of straight bangs. Not only would it help to add volume, but they can cover your cheeks in a very fashionable manner.
  • Go for short or medium hairstyles because they will help to add more height to your overall appearance instead of long hairstyles. And on longer hairstyles, shaggy or layered styles look better than sleek and straight styles.
  • You can also choose any type of hairstyles that has the sides of the hair hanging close to the face, thereby covering a part of it without making your cheeks look too visible.
  • With shorter hairstyles, aim for a blunt cut at the area around the chin so that it accentuates the round aspect of your face instead of trying to hide it.
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Tips for Round Faces

  • The most important thing to consider is the exact shape in which you need to style your hair
  • Do not go for sleek or voluminous hairstyles as they will make you look less attractive.
  • Top knots and buns are good hairstyles for round faces as they help to add height to the crown section of your hair, which in turn makes it look longer.
  • The soft wavy look is also preferred for round faces as soft curls accentuate your roundness while tighter curls make it look unattractive.

Now that we have enough tips and tricks with us on the best way to style round faces let us move on to the different hairstyles that you need to check out.

From braids to buns and knots, this list has almost every type of hairstyle featured so that you can choose what is best for you. Do remember that all these hairstyles only serve to make you look more defined and attractive and that round face is nothing that you should be ashamed of. Inner beauty and confidence are what make a woman beautiful and if you are someone who loves styling and fashion, then you can definitely draw inspiration from any of these hairstyles and try them out.

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