The 90’s “Rachel Haircut” Is Back


The 90’s “Rachel Haircut” Is Back and These 25 Haircuts Prove It

Ready for a chic new look? The Rachel haircut is a timeless classic that never fails to turn heads. In an exclusive chat with us, veteran hair stylist Ohndrea Elliott shares her pro-tips on rocking this iconic look, regardless of your hair texture, face shape, or lifestyle. Get ready to channel your inner Rachel and redefine your style!

The Rachel Cut and Your Hair Type

Ohndrea made it clear that the Rachel cut suits many hair types. “It’s a cut we love,” she said. “Fine hair benefits from the layers and volume this style adds. Wavy hair looks effortlessly tousled, like it just came back from a beach trip. For curly or coily hair, the layers bring out the volume and give it more movement. Thick hair is also perfect for this cut, with layers giving it a lift.” Elliott also emphasized, “It’s vital to keep the ends soft to avoid a shelf-like look in the layers.”

Rachel Cuts and Face Shape

According to Elliott, this style complements all face shapes. “An oval shape suits any style,” she stressed. “A long face pairs well with a medium-length cut packed with volume. Square faces soften with layers around the jaw. Heart-shaped faces also match a mid-length version, with volume focused around the jaw.” “Feeling good and loving how your hair looks is a must. That makes up a large part of getting the whole look just right!”

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Useful Rachel Style Tips

Elliott offered some great styling tips. “Use a round brush when you blowdry. This will add movement around the face,” she shared. “Apply a volume-boosting mousse at the root. After each section, use Velcro rollers and pin that section away as you dry the rest.”

“Finish off with a dry texturing spray. This will give the hair sharp movement while keeping it light. If you can master this technique once, the following days will be a breeze. Simply wake up, spray some dry shampoo on your roots to freshen them up, and go. This is because the style already has built-in movement!”

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