26 Shag Haircuts for Mature Women Over 40


26 Shag Haircuts for Mature Women Over 40

The shag hairstyle is hair that looks messy on purpose. Most shag hairstyles require that you do a small bit of styling to look their best. However, they present persons with a confident attitude since they don’t need a lot of maintenance before they’re worn.

Shags do have layers but the kinds of layers and how they’re arranged will depend on how long a person’s hair is.

This is certainly the year of the shag haircut, which fits in perfectly with the contemporary-casual undone look that’s currently dominating hair fashion trends.

The shag has always been considered a bit daring and rather unconventional.  And this subversive reputation was boosted in the 1970’s, when pictures of shag haircuts on rock stars like Mick Jagger, Joan Jett and film star Jane Fonda were everywhere!

At the time, it was the opposite of the well-groomed hairstyles that most women wore, but now there are tempting pictures of shag haircuts all over the walls of the trendiest hair salons again!

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