31 Layered Bob Hairstyles to Inspire Your Hair Makeover


31 Layered Bob Hairstyles to Inspire Your Hair Makeover

Layered bob hairstyles are everything and they are so in right now! A lot of women like to wear them because they are so sleek and stylish. They are easy to style and often worn by women who like to play and spice up their look. You can wear your hair simple or stylish, often ideal for those who like innovative ideas. Also, this look is creative and mostly worn by mature women. Find a professional or everyday haircut in this article. Here is all that should interest you.

What Is A Layered Bob?

A layered bob is a haircut that is done in layers. It is a unique variation between a simple bob and a messy detailed bob that has different lengths all throughout. It is cut with several different tools and is used to add dimension and depth. In the end, this hairdo is perfect for women who want a quick and easy transition from long to a simple short yet voluminous layered outcome.

How Pricey Is A Layered Bob?

You will pay around $100 for this haircut. In most salons, this includes a haircut, blowout, styling, and washing. If you want to give it a go with some cool highlights you will pay more money. The longer the hair, the more time it will take you to do this look and achieve the perfect outcome. Also, longer hair might be a bit pricier to do just because it is more so time-consuming.

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  1. […] Layered Bob: A layered bob is another excellent option for women over 50. This versatile hairstyle features shorter layers in the back and longer layers in the front, creating a flattering and face-framing look. Whether you prefer a sleek and polished bob or a more textured and tousled style, there’s a layered bob to suit your preferences. […]


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