70’s Hairstyles: Six Hair Trends that Rocked 70’s


70’s Hairstyles: Six Hair Trends that Rocked 70’s (with Examples)

Are you intrigued and looking for a good old-school 70s haircut? This period and this era was super hippie, cool and trendy, often symbolized by women who enjoyed retro and voluminous statements. Does this sound like something that you fancy still to this day? If that is the case keep on reading! Luckily for you, we have prepared a ton of different and unique options to consider. Keep on reading and find your next 70s-inspired haircut down below.

What Are Some Popular 70s Looks?

There were a ton of options and different looks that were rocked and popular in the 70s. It all came down to personal preference (as it always does), but some ideas that we’re going to cover down below are:

  • Shaggy haircuts
  • Wedge haircuts
  • Pageboy looks
  • Beehive hair
  • Hairdos with a scarf detail
  • Ponytails, etc

Shag Haircut

shag haircut is a cut that is done in layers and has different lengths, almost like a chopped cut. The main characteristics are in feathered top and sides, along with wispy bangs.

Wedge Haircut

A voluminous cut that has a retro style combined with layers, reminding of a bob. It is a perfect hairdo for women who have thin hair and want a slight refreshment.

Pageboy Haircut

Reminding of a boyish cut, a pageboy hairstyle was believed to be popular in the medieval era. A look that has straight hair hanging below the ear and a fringe at the front.

Beehive Hair

A look where hair is left high and up, super voluminous, reminding of a beehive. It is piled up in a conical shape and is very retro.

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Hairstyle With A Scarf

This can be anything that you want it to be. A scarf was super popular as a trend in the 70s. You can wear it high up, in a ponytail, or as a bandana.

The 70s Are Calling!

Which good old 70s hairstyle you can’t wait to rock and try out in the near future? Do you plan on bringing some of these looks back? If so, which one is your ultimate favorite? Let us know what you end up picking out, we can’t wait to see it on you.

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