Balayage Highlights: Top 10 Styles to Brighten Your Look


Balayage Highlights: Top 10 Styles to Brighten Your Look

Balayage highlights are meant for everyone! It’s not only that, this technique is so popular that has taken over the hair industry like a storm. Chrissy Teigen, Cara Delevingne, Alessandra Ambrosio, all these stars tried it, and they love it! The craze over the method will not go away, so below we explain what are balayage style highlights, how to get them, and even included 10 fabulous looks.

What is Balayage Hair Highlights?

Balayage comes from a French word which translates to ‘to paint, ‘to sweep’. As the name suggests, balayage highlighting is a coloring technique done by hand with sweeping movements. What sets it apart from other methods is that it provides a much more natural finish.

Foil highlights are very noticeable and you can immediately see a difference between the color of the base and the highlights. With balayage, the hairstylist uses his hands and a brush to create more sun-kissed looks that are usually in several different hues.

How to Do Highlights with Balayage Technique

Once you’ve chosen which will be the base color of the hair and which for the highlights you can start the process. Most women are wondering how to do balayage highlights on dark hair, and we’re here to let you know that that is very much possible. All you need to do is include several different lighter tones so that the transition is very subtle. Keep that in mind before you start.

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The next step is to get the balayage kit. Divide your hair into three sections, one is bottom, one middle, and one on top. Try out the color on a single strand, so that you’re sure you got the right one. Start with the section in the bottom. Grab thin strands and using the brush in the kit apply the color.

The best way to do it is if you being somewhere in the middle and move to the tips. Once you’re done, release the hair from the middle section and do the same. Continue until you’re done with the rest of it as well. Read the instructions very well, to know how long you should wait before you wash the hair. If you notice that there are any parts that you don’t like and you want them to be brighter, you can repeat the process.

Balayage Highlights vs. Foil Highlights

There are so many differences between balayage and standard foil highlights, starting with the technique to the final look.

If you’ve already done the foil method, you know that it uses aluminum foil to speed up the process of highlighting. The hairdresser gets the strands, covers them with the product, then wraps them around with the foil. It generates heat, and the hair becomes lighter. The difference with balayage hair highlighting is that they do not use foil. These highlights are a freestyle method, done by the strokes of a brush and the hand of the hairstylist. It’s all very subtle and starts mostly from the middle part, unlike the foils which usually go all the way up to the roots.

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When the hair starts growing, it’s very much obvious with the foil technique. With the balayage, the good thing is that it’s less noticeable. In other words, you won’t have to worry about getting it again if you want to grow out your natural hair. The traditional highlights can be very hard to handle when growing out of the mane.

The main reason why so many women love balayage on long hair is the natural, sun-kissed finish. So, if you are still in doubt which way to go, you definitely want to consider this factor. If you want highlights that everyone will see, go for foils. If you are more of a subtle girl, balayage is the thing for you.

The coloring with foil gives you a very controlled final look. Balayage with highlights is all about experimenting and achieving a subtle change that will imitate a hairdo that is naturally lighter in some parts and darker in others. Foils require a touch up every 6-8 weeks, while the other method can last up to half a year.

Unique Highlight Hairstyles with Balayage

Following are the most unique balayage highlighted hairstyles for women.

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