Best Goddess Braids for Women – Goddess Braids Ideas


Best Goddess Braids for Women – Goddess Braids Ideas

There are some hairstyles which come and go out of fashion every few years. Braided styles for black women, however, have been considered beautiful for thousands of years and today they are more on trend than ever. Goddess braids are perhaps the most stunning example of hair braids; after all, the name says it all. If you’re not quite sure what goddess braids are, don’t worry. Similar to classic cornrows but much bigger and chunkier, these thick plaits can be worn piled on top of the head or as a stunning addition to loose, long hair. Many of our favorite celebrities have been seen sporting this godly hairstyle; from Zendaya to Janet Jackson and, of course, Beyoncé herself. The best thing about this look is that it is incredibly easy to live with and low maintenance. Goddess braids can stay in place for weeks or even months, giving your hair plenty of rest from harmful treatments and styling methods.

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