Gorgeous Beach Waves for Short Hair: 22 Examples to Copy


Gorgeous Beach Waves for Short Hair: 22 Examples to Copy

Beach waves for short hair create a modern look, brimming with texture and volume. It’s fun to wear and looks dashing for any occasion, whether it’s a formal or casual party!

Hairstylist Alyssa Berg of Sacramento, CA adores the idea of this short textured hair.

“Having a bit of a natural texture like waves or slight curls with this cut is nice. You could wear it natural with the right products, and it’ll give you an effortless beachy look,” she states.

This hairstyle requires time and effort to achieve a neat finish without flips. It isn’t a wash-and-go type. If looking for lower maintenance, Berg suggests a length past your shoulders.

For a lovely beachy haircut, opt for longer and internal layers. Avoid pieces that are too short as they create a volume that doesn’t look natural.

Berg explains, “If curled, all the texture you put in the underneath layers will pop through. If straightened, they lay nicely on top of each other.” Just ensure that the chop fits your face shape and works with your lifestyle.

When styling, ask your hairdresser for some tips.

Berg likes switching between a triple barrel waver and a 1.25-inch curling iron. She applies a texture or a sea salt spray to boost the hair’s natural texture.

To touch up second-day hair without washing everything, take a curling iron to throw a few curls in there!

Need ideas? Check out these inspiring photos on how to wear beach waves for short hair.

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