Gorgeous haircuts for thick hair of medium length in 2020


If you are blessed with medium-thick hair naturally, you should pay attention to the volume while styling your locks. Remember always be meticulous about the ends. You need them smoother than other parts of your hair because the tips of thick locks often look dry and stick out which is not very appealing. Most smoothing balms for hair might deal with this task. It depends on what particular texture you want to achieve, you’ll need different styling tools. There is something you should take into account while refreshing your medium thick hair:

Coloristic Solutions

The important thing while dyeing your thick hair is that you should pursue the feeling of movement. Let consider to use balayage and ombre techniques because they help to achieve the desired effect. Smooth transitions of similar hues add dimension, lightness, and motion to your thick hair.

Sensational Medium Haircuts

If you have medium-thick hair, traditional bobs, pixies, and shag haircuts are great hairstyles you should try no matter your hair is straight or curly. Here are some of the most gorgeous haircuts for thick hair of medium length. Whether your face shape is oval, square or heart-shaped, I’m sure you’ll find a suitable one for yourself.

Gorgeous haircuts for thick hair of medium length in 2020

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