If you want healthy hair, stop shampooing your hair every day!


How often do you shampoo your hair? If you do it every day, I recommend you should stop shampooing your hair, just because of some advice below from professional stylists, keep reading to break the unhealthy daily routine.

This is not about washing your hair, it’s about your shampoo. Many people shampoo their hair daily without knowing the truth about how shampoo affect their hair. Some of you might defend themself by the thought: “I wash my hair every day because it’s dirty if you don’t”.

There are numerous reasons why you should stop shampooing your hair very often:

Firstly, if you are shampooing your hair every day, you are stripping it of all its natural oils, which will leave your hair feeling dry. Not only that, but you will also begin to overproduce oil to try and replenish what has stripped away, resulting in really greasy hair.

The second reason why you should stop shampooing your hair: It’s not only about the greasy hair I mentioned above, but it’s also because of the quality of your hair as well. A lot of people are dying their hair, and a big secret to making your dye hair last longer is to reduce the quantity of shampoo you often use. Of course, nothing lasts forever, even your natural hair color will eventually fade. However, the less shampoo you use, the longer your hair color will last.

In addition, everyone loves shiny, healthy hair, but not everyone knows how to maintain their hair as healthy as nature. The truth is the more your hair gets to soak in its own natural oils, the shinier it will become. Otherwise, if you are shampooing only a few times a week, that’s less styling. And less styling means less damage due to less heat from a hairdryer. This makes your hair healthier.

So how do we reduce using shampoo? Let’s start with shampooing just every other day. After a week, add another day of not washing, so that it’s every two days. Of course, everyone is different, it depends on the kind of your hair. If you have more coarse hair, you may be able to only shampoo once a week while finer hair might need three times a week.

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I think the advantage of not using shampoo daily outweigh the disadvantage of using shampoo. Otherwise, it’s time-consuming to shampoo your hair daily when you are a housewife with tons of daily tasks that need to complete. Give it a try and see how the quality of your hair is enhanced.

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