Sleeping with Your Hair In A Bun, why not?


How often do you go to sleep in a bun? If it’s not your habit, you should try to do so. Here are the reasons why?

 Firstly, when you toss and turn in your sleep, by sleeping in a loose bun, your hair won’t be messed up during the night. It also helps prevent frizziness and tangling due to the fact that your hair won’t be rubbing against your pillowcase all night. Moreover, sleeping in a bun can make your beauty sleep prettier.

Sleepinbun1 Sleeping with Your Hair In A Bun, why not?

In addition, if you want to keep your hair from brushing up against your face, you should sleep in a bun. It also keeps your hair clean and oil-free since your skin produces oil during the night when you sleep. Of course, you don’t want your hair to get mixed in with that. It might make your hair getting oilier faster and some hair might breakouts on your face.

Sleepinabun Sleeping with Your Hair In A Bun, why not?

By sleeping in a loose hair bun might help to add volume to your locks especially when you are having curly hair or want to add some texture cream to make a fake curl to your hair. By doing this, you can easily make beachy waves hairstyle the next morning. 

sleepinbun Sleeping with Your Hair In A Bun, why not?

Instead of sleeping with your hair down, you should go to sleep in a loose hair to prevent your hair from getting messy and tangling. Just have a try and see how it saves your morning time.

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