Trendy Mahogany Hair Color Ideas


Trendy Mahogany Hair Color Ideas

Mahogany is one of the very few hair colors out there that really does suit every girl. Perhaps this is because this sultry shade combines the best of both warm and cool undertones. On the one hand, the violet tones which can be hidden among the more vividly red mahogany hairstyles are great for girls with cool complexions or anyone who just wants to make a striking statement with their image. Then, of course, there is the more understated and natural side to mahogany hair. Mahogany is, after all, an exciting shade of brown which is sure to freshen up your brunette look and add some serious pizzazz and style. One thing you can always rely on from a hair color which includes both red and brown is that it will leave your hair looking gorgeously healthy and glossy. This means that you can wear your mahogany tresses in just about any style you’d like and feel confident that you look great.

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