30 Curtain Bangs for a Chic and Cozy Look for This Year


32 Curtain Bangs for a Chic and Cozy Look for This Year

Do you have curtain bangs yourself? Maybe you’re just thinking about getting this gorgeous hairstyle? A lot of the time women want to switch up their hairdo, and for a lot of them, the easiest way to do so is to incorporate some sexy and stylish bangs. If you’re uncertain about the style that suits you or if you’re not aware of different kinds of bangs, have no fear! Here, we are going to talk about one gorgeous and sexy concept – the curtain bang! A must-get hair for women who prefer elegance and want a bit of that sex appeal.

1. What Is A Curtain Bang Hairstyle?

A curtain bang is a cute hairdo that has feminine elements to it. This hairstyle has a gorgeous style across your forehead that adds elegance and volume to your forehead. Your bangs are swept equally on both sides, while the middle portion of your forehead is left bare. This is why this hairdo will leave out an illusion of a “curtain”.

2. Who Can Go For This Hairdo?

Women of any age can go for this hairstyle. You can also consider getting curtain bangs despite your hair length, color, or even thickness. As long as if you have a wish to rock some cute bangs that are wispy and asymmetrical, this hairdo will work and look lovely on you!

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3. Can You Do Curtain Bangs Yourself?

If you want to wear a curtain bang hairdo make sure that you find yourself a trustworthy and proper hairstylist. Although it might look like it is a simple look that you can DIY, the truth is a lot different. In fact, you will have an issue getting the right symmetry, as well as achieving the best length for your hair type, thickness, and face shape. This is why you should book a hairstylist who is skilled when it comes to such elegant looks.

Blonde Curtain Bang Hair

Light Brown Curtain Bangs

Dark Brown Curtain Bangs

Which curtain bangs look was your favorite? Are you more so into long or short hairstyles? Let us know what you plan on wearing in the future, as well as what you plan on asking your hairstylist for. We can’t wait to see you with one of these looks!

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