30 Edgy Undercuts to Try This Summer


30 Edgy Undercuts to Try This Summer

Edgy undercut hair for women can look bold, brave, and stylish. Are you looking for something new and different that you can wear every day? Are you into bold and unique looks? If you’re into something short and edgy, as well as low-maintenance, it’s your lucky day! Here, you’re going to find a ton of cool and different cuts and looks that will suit you. Keep on reading and find a hairdo that is perfect for you!

What Is An Undercut?

An edgy undercut is anything that has that fierce vibe to it. It is usually a hairstyle that has defined lines and bold colors somewhere around the lower portion. It is cut with defined lines and the right pair of scissors, usually with a trimmer to achieve the right balance and that defined sexy look. It has an undercut usually at the back portion, worn by most teens who wish to stand out.

How To Style An Undercut?

When it comes to doing the look or making a hairdo for everyday wear it is crucial for you to have only five minutes during the day. You should do the following steps:
Step 1: work with clean and washed blow-dried hair.
Step 2: add a bit of hair gel or cream underneath your layers to style the undercut and give it a bit more shine and set it in place.
Step 3: part your hair per your preference and wear it how you prefer.
Step 4: if you have an important event or something that requires longevity make sure that you set your hair in place with your favorite hairspray.

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Who Can Go For An Edgy Undercut Haircut?

Any woman can go for an edgy undercut. The real question is if you’re brave enough and “edgy” to try it yourself? An edgy hairstyle is a look that you can wear if you’re trying to leave a dominant presence. You can also give it a go if you’re looking for a shorter haircut and a hairstyle that is low-maintenance or possibly has an edgy undercut detail. There are no age restrictions when it comes to this look.

Top 30 Edgy Undercuts

Want A New Cool Cut?

If you’re ready to rock something from this list let us know what that is. Luckily for you and every lady, this list is inclusive and ideal for those that like short and fun looks. Upgrade your look and give it a go with something from these cuts, we can’t wait to see them on you!

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