30 Sexy Hairstyles For Heart-Shaped Faces


30 Sexy Hairstyles For Heart-Shaped Faces

Do you have a heart-shaped face? If so, welcome to the club! Heart-shaped beauties are blessed with a rare and unique face shape, yet can be so feminine and sensual. If you’re wondering what you can do with your hair in hopes that it emphasizes your beauty, you’re exactly where you need to be! Keep on reading and find a hairstyle that suits you and find out ways on how you can style it or where you can wear it. We know that you’re going to like your options.

Which Hairstyle Is Best For A Heart-Shaped Face?

If you’re picky you might have a hard time picking out your “the one” hairdo, which makes so much sense, especially for heart-shaped girls. Some options that you might like and prefer are:

How To Know If You Have A Heart-Shaped Face?

Want to know if you fall under this category? Well, if your chin is pointed and your forehead is the widest part of your face, you are probably a heart-shaped beauty. Your head looks like a mini heart with your chin being the most prominent.

Feathered Hair

Deep Side Part

Pixie Hair

Wispy Bangs

Loose Waves

Bouncy Bob

Want To Have A Look That Matches Your Face Shape?

Are you ready for a change? If so, consider some of these stylish cuts. All 30 of these options will suit you, just make sure to find something that is within your comfort zone and personal preference.

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