Bold Shaved Hairstyles for Black Women


Bold Shaved Hairstyles for Black Women

Shaved haircuts on African American women or women, in general, are often seen as something radical because there’s the notion that women are supposed to have long hair that cascades down their backs, maybe not that long but never as short as what would be considered a man’s haircut.

But all of that is baseless because black women can and do in fact look good in shaved haircuts and we have this list to prove it to you. If you are wondering if these would look good on white women too, the answer is yes.

For the sake of this list, the styles are shown are ones worn by black women but most of these can be replicated on white women, save for some that are peculiar to the natural hair texture of African American women.

How to Do Side Shaved Hairstyles

Once you find the style from the lists that speaks to you, you’d want to bookmark this page and show it to your barber if you’re not experienced. A barber, particularly one who’s experienced with cutting female hair is the best option for getting your full or half shaved head hairstyle to look as good or even better than these pictures.

Also, some of these styles cannot be achieved without the use of certain tools that only professionals own. If you’re willing to invest in these tools, then that’s fine, but you could save your money or rather, spend it on getting the whole experience professionally done.

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Best Shaved Haircuts for Afro-American Women

We’ve compiled 31 great looking shaved hairstyles that would flatter any black woman or girls, some are long and others are quite short.

Some would suit the most daring women and there are also style options for the women who love to play it safe and keep their hair looks understated. The point is, regardless of what your style preferences are, there’s a shaven hairstyle for you on this list.

We hope you liked the ideas. This list of shaved hairstyles has all the proof and evidence that black women and women in general, can wear these bold hairstyles and look good in it.

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