Layered Hairstyles With Bangs


Layered Hairstyles With Bangs

A prominent forehead and a bush of wavy hair. As someone who has lived all her life with both of these features, I have become quite an expert for looking for hairstyles that will combat these features. And my research and experimentation over the years has borne one conclusion – getting your hair cut in layers with some bangs is your best option. Getting your hair cut in layers will make your life so much easier. For one, if your hair is that weird wavy texture, getting a layered cut will open up your curls and make them cascade down beautifully. That means lesser time spent on styling it! Secondly, a layered cut will reduce some unnecessary volume from your hair and also prevent it from knotting and tangling too much. That means you can bid your days of painfully untangling your hair goodbye! And I guess at this point it is common knowledge that bangs are the best solution for anyone who has a prominent forehead. So for your reference, here I have compiled 50 variations of layered hairstyles with bangs. Let’s dive right in!

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