Lovely Styling Ideas For Layered Bob Hair


Lovely Styling Ideas For Layered Bob Hair

I don’t think there’s a single woman in existence who has not imagined chopping off all her hair and getting a layered bob haircut at least once in her life. Bob cuts have been the quintessential hairstyle for the modern women since the 90s and continue to be experimented with even today. The latest twist that has been given to this classic look is the addition of layers. Depending on their length and positioning, layers highlight the natural texture of your hair. They can also be used to fulfill two very contrary needs – to increase the volume of your hair or decrease it. But, by far, the best part of having a layered bob is the ridiculously less amount of time it takes to style it. It’s low maintenance, it’s chic, and it’s the new hairstyle of your dreams!

But before we jump into all the wonderful ways that you can style it, let’s first look at what kind of layered bob will suit your face shape.

  • Round Face Shape: An A-line bob that has shorter layers at the back and longer layers in the front is the perfect style to make a round face look slimmer. You could even add some side swept bangs to achieve a more mature look.
  • Triangle Face Shape: A long bob with dramatic layers can be a good way to strike a balance between the wide jawline and narrow forehead of this face shape. Some straight cut bangs and curly styling can also do wonders to accentuate a triangular face shape.
  • Heart Face Shape: People with this face shape should consider getting a bob that ends just below the chin to highlight the pretty angles of their face. As for layers, you can ask the stylist to pile them on as they will look marvelous with your gorgeously pointed chin.
  • Square Face Shape: Ladies with square shaped face are better off steering clear from sleek and angled bobs. Since you need to create softness in your hair look to offset the sharp angles of your face, ask your stylist to give you graduated layers cut with the help of a razored tool. This will work wonders to give you a softer vibe and add dimension to your hair.
  • Oblong/Oval Face Shapes: Both these face shapes are characterized by the fact that they are longer than they are wide. The easiest way to style these face shapes is with a bob that ends right at the chin and has subtly cut layers right at the ends.
  • Rectangle Face Shape: A mid-length bob with some feathered out layers is all you need to work with the sharply angular structure of your face.
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Now that you have a fair idea about what kind of layered bob suits your particular face shape, let’s look at our rundown of the ways to style this haircut!

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