Stunning Ways to Rock a Sew In Bob Hairstyles


Stunning Ways to Rock a Sew In Bob Hairstyles

If you’re looking for a cute new style, you may just have found it. The sew in bob is an utterly versatile trend right now, the hairstyle that allows you to enhance volume, layers, and chic of your ‘do in an instant. Whether you’re looking to shake things up with an ombre color or go seriously bold with an asymmetrical cut, a simple weave may be the way to go. Here are just 20 different ways to rock this mode.

Why Sew-In Weaves?

Votes at hair care forums prove that black ladies love sew-in weaves, as they give natural hair a break, and help its growth. At the same time you are wearing a hairstyle you love because you choose the perfect length, color, and texture. If you’ve never had a weave but happened to read horror stories about them, we’ll help you to succeed with your first sew-in. All questions you may have about it are answered below, and there’s also an inspirational gallery as a bonus!

Bob Sew-In Options

Let’s say you’ve always wanted a stylish bob. Now you can have it. To decide on the style, you want to consider which of the following options you prefer:

  • Centre-parted or side-parted?
  • Asymmetrical or blunt and one Length?
  • With bangs or without?
  • Straight, body wave or loose wave?

What Types of Hair Works Best for Sew-in Bobs?

The most popular picks for bobs are Outre Purple Pack and Saga Remy.

How Much Hair for a Bob?

2-3 bundles of 12 or 14″ hair for a full look that you’ll have cut in the length and style you prefer. Some use just 1,5 bundles of 10″ hair, but more bundles and longer hair means you won’t have thin ends.

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Concerns You May Have About Weaves

The greatest concern you may have is that your sew-in will look wiggy, unnatural, lumpy… Another one is associated with potential damage to your natural hair.

Speaking of a natural-looking weave, of course everyone understands you need to go to a licensed stylist, however, even if you do so, that is no guarantee you’ll get the result you want. The best idea we suggest is to hire someone whose work you’ve seen (better in real life) and really liked.

As long as your sew-in isn’t installed too tight and you take care of your natural hair that’s under the weave, you don’t have to worry about damage. Condition the hair underneath regularly and apply only styling mousse and shine booster to the extensions. The optimal period to wear your weave for the first time is one month. With your next weave you may go longer, 5 weeks at least.

Perfecting The Sew In Bob

You should never make a mistake of thinking that the bob is solely strict and stringent. Oh no, there are plenty of ways to wear it, and so it really is worth experimenting. Before you begin, please, browse some of our inspirational pictures. We’re certain that you’ll find something that just screams ‘you’.

Hollywood Glamor Bob

A fear that worries many is that a lob (long bob) will appear too severe and not ladylike enough. Focusing on the texture and body of the weave may just be the answer to that problem! Opting for a layered curly bob sew in, rather than a straight cut style gives a level of glamor and sophistication like no other.

Voluptuous Weave

As far as sew in bob styles go, a vamped-up weave has to be one of the more adventurous ‘dos. The side part along with a blowout of cascading waves is just ideal for day or night events. Notice how the front of the hair has been teased for a perfect tousled style.

Long Bob with Heavy Bangs

When it comes to stylish, office-ready haircuts, you honestly cannot go wrong with an extended cut. A long bob with hefty bangs oozes both professionalism and style in an uber sleek package. Opt for a slick finish with heavily conditioned hair.

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Full Weave with Rouge Ombre

If you fancy a cute look that will suit pretty much any lady, check it out. The side part weave along with creativity colored ombre results in a striking style. Add some soft ringlet curls to the ends of the extensions and gently tease the bangs.

Asymmetrical Lob

High fashion meets casual wear in this chic asymmetrical graded cut. Sew in bob hairstyles don’t need to be conventional; they can be as chic as you please. A graded lob yells high-end and will certainly pay off.

Extreme Layered Bob

Layers are the easiest way to ramp up volume within your locks. This weave has been blown out in swoopy layers that show off the beautiful movement of the hair. Couple that with a black-to-blonde root fade and you’ve got a winning look.

Medium Cut with Center Part

Center partings have for a long time gone out of fashion, but watch out, because they’re back again. Check out the sheer blonde weave with deep black roots. The gently tousled hair whispers femininity effortlessly.

Sexy Partial Sew In

The sweeping side part creates a new take on the traditional bob sew in. The locks with golden highlights have been sleekly blown across the face. A truly imaginative style.

Traditional Bob with Extra Length

Leaving a little length to the ends of a traditional shape like a neat bob creates a new take on the classic hairstyle. The sliced-in angles and slightly curled over sides have been included to complete this lovely customized bob.

Curly Bob Sew In

Forget going uber sleek — why not take inspiration from a creative curly weave instead? Curls tend to flatter slimmer, more pixie-like facial features, and so they may be perfect for you. What’s more, some rouge and gold accents are ideal for any elegant style.

Graduated Cut with Sweeping Fringe

It might be time to take your style to the next level. When opting for a full sew in bob, you can afford to be a little experimental. An electric blue weave along with the sharp sides and a sweeping fringe is just that. Go wild!

The Goldilocks

Upgrading a long layered bob with some fancy, unnatural color makes a real statement. Notice how the pale blonde tones have been complemented by the use of pink accents. Just gorgeous.

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Weave with Textured Curls

If you’re looking for a hairstyle with a whole lot of oomph, you may just have found it! Opting for some textured curls as a part of your weave means that you lack nothing in body. A medium inverted bob like in this picture takes minimal effort and looks polished.

Bouncy Spirals

Ringlets were a staple of hairstyles back in the 1900s, but they’ve lately made a comeback in the modern world of fashion. Sew in bobs with an invisible part are always the most natural-looking.

Feathered Bangs with Sleek Sides

The side part weave style allows the bangs to take center stage. The curvaceous waves that fall to the side forming the fringe are truly unique. What’s more, opting for red and golden highlights was a fearless move.

Smooth Blunt Lob

Catwalks around the globe have played host to models wearing blunt bobs. Yes, a sheer chop is the epitome of grace. The smoothed down blunt bob is a cute and striking hairstyle.

Angular Short Cut

To achieve a dynamic style such as is pictured, start with a middle part bob sew in and get cutting. The strongly angled sides and short back of the cut is what makes it so very alluring. The stylist has taken things a step further by including some chic blue tones.

Flowing Waved Style

Curvaceous bobs create drama around the face allowing for a wholly chic look. The ends have been feathered to perfection, completing the ultimately feminine weave.

Textured Short Chop

Texture is everything when it comes to short hairstyles in general. The side part asymmetrical cut is a great idea of a textured short trim. Playing with some waves and curls, though, is what really makes it special.

Long Layered Weave

Trendsetters rejoice! Regular bob sew ins can be adapted in a new way to flatter your individuality. Go with asymmetry, romantic flicks, razored ends or anything that enhances your natural beauty or lets reveal the new you.

No matter where your life may take you, you need a killer hairstyle, as powerful as you are. That’s where the sew in bob comes into play. With any luck, these pictures have given you the inspiration you need. Now, is it the right time to change your image?

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