19 Youthful Shag Haircuts for Older Women


19 Youthful Shag Haircuts for Older Women

Shag haircuts for older women are cuts offering choppy ends and tousled layers that flatter older ladies. Blessed with fine, thin tresses? Shags are the best haircuts and they work on any length. So here’s your chance to achieve a hairstyle with tons of texture and volume.

Though shags appear great on older ladies, it has less to do with age. The chop must suit your personal style, hair texture, face shape, and lifestyle instead. That’s a pro tip from Kate Convery, the co-owner of Love Culture Salon in Providence, RI.

“Find a stylist who pays attention to these things, and to consult with her to create the best style for you,” she notes. Don’t always go for a sleek, polished look. Opt for a chop that works well with your mane’s natural texture.

You won’t go wrong asking your hairstylist for an ideal chop you can flaunt. “How do I style my hair so that I can wear it without effort? Will bangs fit my haircut?”

Here’s another reminder from Hanleyty for a woman who has grey strands. “Ask what products would be best for your hair to maintain its moisture and shine,” says the stylist.

As an expert in razor cutting, she suggests using the hair balm from Hairstory to most of her shag cut clients. “I love it because it adds moisture and elasticity.” She continues, “It provides a light amount of hold for effortless air drying.”

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Here are pictures of the most popular shag haircuts for older women:

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