63 Flattering Hairstyles for Women Over 40


63 Flattering Hairstyles for Women Over 40

Being in your 40s doesn’t mean you can’t have stylish hair. There are lots of age-defying hairstyles and haircuts to choose from. You and your stylist will just have to make some slight modifications to accommodate your slightly aging hair, lifestyle, and face shape.

💡 Key Things to Know First

  • If you have fine or limp hair, consider adding layers and texture to your cut to boost your hair’s volume.
  • Shaggy Lobs are super trendy for women in their 40s right now. I’ll show you some below.
  • Consider getting a balayage to cover your random grays. It’s a great way to keep your hair color looking natural and the grow-out is seamless!
  • Talk to your hairdresser about face-framing layers if you have a round or square face shape.
  • Now is the time to stop putting off investing in quality hair products. 40 is the critical decade to preventing long-lasting hair damage.

Below, I’ve put together a collection of some of the most stylish and flattering hairstyles for women over 40. Most importantly, they’re found on everyday women like you!

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