80s Hairstyles: 30 Hairstyles That Need to Come Back


80s Hairstyles: 30 Hairstyles That Need to Come Back

80s hairstyles are always going to be a time to remember and look back to. Have you rocked a memorable look yourself back in the day? If you’re a fan of cool and chic looks this article will intrigue you since we’re going to talk about a ton of different hairdos. Keep on reading and see if you remember some of these old-school beauties. Even better so, consider rocking and recreating one of these ideas yourself. See what we have to offer down below and pick one yourself.

What Are Some Popular 80s Hair Looks?

Do you want to rock an amazing 80s hairdo? If so, which one might be a difficult question for you to answer. In this article, we’re going to cover a lot of fun and cool looks, such as:

  • Feathered hair
  • Layered looks
  • Mullet hair
  • Bandana hairdos
  • High ponytails
  • Perm & curly looks

Feathered Hair

This is is a unisex haircut resembling the layering of bird feathers. It is shaped and cut on the side and in layers with a center part.

Layered Hair

Achieve the look of volume and length with an illusion of additional layers and shapes. Often cut chopped and voluminous around the front.

Mullet Hair

Mullet is cut short at the front and sides but has a longer back, often decorated with fringe bangs or messy bangs.

Bandana Hair

Hair worn in a bandana or a scarf is very representative of the 80s. It is hippie, cool and retro, often worn in a ponytail.

Retro High Ponytail

Sleek, voluminous, and edgy, a high-up ponytail with curled edges and baby hairs was a must-do for formal events in the 80s.

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Curly Hair

Shaggy and curly looks of any kind have been and will always stay in fashion. A ton of women have also opted for perm back in the day for long-wear properties.

Show Your Curls Girls – The 80s Are Calling!

Are you ready to look bold and dramatic? If so, which one of these ideas is your ultimate must-have? Let us know if you’re ready for some of these ideas and where you plan on wearing the look itself. We can’t wait to see what you end up picking out of these bold 80s hairdos.

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