Wolf Cut: How to Style it? Inspirational Wolf Haircut Ideas


Wolf Cut: What’s it? How to Style it? And 46 Inspirational Wolf Haircut Ideas

Wolf haircuts are a new trend for this year! Have you had a wolf haircut yourself? If not, would you be willing to give it a go? Wolf haircut for women is so trendy, chic, and it looks a lot like your fierce mullet, but with a voluminous twist! Keep on reading since we have loads of different options for you to consider down below.

What Is A Wolf Haircut?

A wolf haircut has become a trend this year thanks to social media. In fact, a wolf hairdo was so popular after blowing up on TikTok! It has gained popularity and is a common go-to by younger women who love to follow trends, as well as by women who enjoy shorter hairdos that are easy to maintain and achieve on their own.

How To Achieve A Wolf Hairdo?

A wolf haircut is done in a couple of easy and simple steps. Here’s how the process looks like when you book it at a salon:

  • Your hairstylist will work with your freshly washed and blow-dried hair
  • They will cut in layers to achieve that messy volume and depth
  • You will have more hair around the top portion with shaggy and messy bangs
  • Your hair will look a lot thinner down the ends
  • They will ask you if you wish to keep the bangs or cut them completely
  • Your hairstylist will style your hair with some hair foam and hairspray
  • They will set it in place and take down your edges, voila, you’re good to go!
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How To Style A Wolf Haircut?

Your new wolf haircut doesn’t have to be too hard to style or achieve. As long as you have enough 2-3 minutes to spare each day, you will end up with a flawless look! Make sure that you:

  • Brush it out in the morning
  • Use a bit of water to get it moisturized and to get your curls ready for styling
  • Use a pea-sized amount of hair gel and spread it across your top portion
  • Style the bangs per your preference and your liking
  • Wear it out for everyday events or formal gatherings

Short Wolf Haircuts

Long Wolf Haircuts

Book Your Appointment & Look Chic!

Make sure that you let us know which one hairdo was your favorite among these unique designs! All of them are wearable by different women and different age groups. However, customizing your look per your preference and your personal style is key, so let us know how you do it and what works best for you!

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